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The rumor is that Microsoft is buying Minecraft

The rumor is that one of the biggest global game developers, Mojang, the video games studio behind Minecraft, is getting acquired by Microsoft.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the acquisition would potentially be worth a massive $2 billion and could already be done next week. Even though, due to the fact that neither Microsoft nor Mojang have made any comments, it is still a rumor, it has to be said that the WSJ has a long history of “correct” rumors.

To be concrete, Minecraft is a game where players are building Lego-like, 3D block looking structures and represents the Super Mario Bros. game of our age, therefore attracting mostly young kids. It debuted around 2011 and has sold more than 55 million copies overall on all major platforms – PC, consoles and smartphones.

If the deal actually goes through, Microsoft will own an indie-gaming phenomenon, a Minecraft brand that is well known and an awesome team behind it. Minecraft is, in fact, so popular that there are even plans of making it into a movie, kind of like the Lego one. Additionally, with Xbox consoles and Minecraft, Microsoft would get a good boost to compete with Sony and its PlayStation 4 that outsold Xbox One over the last period. Minecraft in the hands of Microsoft could be a game changer.

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