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Rocket Internet’s EatFirst launches honest food delivery in Berlin

After arriving in London in August, EatFirst, Rocket Internet’s new, diverse and fairly-priced food delivery service, is now expanding its service to Germany.

As we reported before, after London the company was planning to bring its business to the centre of Berlin- and for €7 only. EatFirst provides the customer with a freshly prepared lunch, all within 15 minutes of the order being placed. Combining high-quality food with lightning-fast delivery, the new business seeks to put a spin on healthy eating and speedy food delivery.

According to a study by Forsa, most working people in Germany are lacking the time to maintain a balanced diet. One third of respondents even find it impossible to follow a healthy diet while being at work. The key problem seems to be a combination of limited choice and lack of time. Around 50% of the German population reported not having the time to sit quietly and enjoy their lunch, meaning that EatFirst’s launch in Berlin makes even more sense.

Torben Schulz, Co-Founder at EatFirst said: “After the successful launch in the UK in August this year, we are looking forward to offering our service in Berlin. Whether you go out for lunch in London or Berlin often the choice is really poor: You can decide between eating well or eating fast. Due to the fact that people do not have a lot of time in their breaks, they often choose the unhealthy and low-quality alternative. At EatFirst, we know that people are busy and do not always have time to cook. We really believe that eating well should not depend on the time you have for lunch.”

EatFirst’s team, backed by Rocket Internet, is led by Rahul Parekh, Humberto Ayres Pereira and Torben Schulz. Unlike traditional food delivery services, EatFirst offers both lightning-fast delivery and high-quality meals. Customers can access EatFirst through their website and choose from a daily-changing menu of two meals, freshly prepared by EatFirst’s professional chefs. All ingredients are freshly picked, and sourced only from trusted and tested partners. Within 15 minutes of the order being placed, EatFirst will deliver the meal right to the customer’s home, office or street location.

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