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Finland-based Innopinion is chosen as one of the ’50 Most Investable Startups in Europe’

Innopinion Ltd has been chosen among the ’50 Most Investable Startups in Europe’ by the European Investor Gate (Update – May 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website, and we therefore deactivated the original link). In addition to this, the company has announced several new products, a reseller model, a new Board member and seed funding, as well as its own charity arm.

Part of this announcement includes a new seed investment from Opal Blue Ventures, whose founder Anastasia Haysom is joining the Board. The startup, who in addition to launching three new products, has also published a 5-year contract with Swedish Care International and announced its internationalisation plans starting in Finland.

Additionally, the company is preparing a campaign in Indonesia to help the newly elected president to identify the most important issues the new government should address. It has also established a charity organization to support social innovation and co-creation for common good by the means of Innopinion’s platform and services.

Innopinion was chosen to participate in the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp incubation programme in Dublin and during the Summit in November was nominated as one of top 50 most investable startups in Europe. The nomination was made from almost 4500 European Investor Gate startups.

It’s going to be one interesting fall for Innopinion; the team has also been named a semi-finalist at the Webit Congress’ Founders Games competition, which takes place in Istanbul early October, and as well as having been nominated in the final top 4 of JCI’s Productive Idea competition in Finland.

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Marko Srsan
Marko Srsan
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