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Rocket Internet launches EatFirst to deliver honest food

EatFirst, Rocket Internet’s new food delivery service, launches today in the city of London. Combining high-quality food with lightning-speed delivery, the new business goes far and beyond traditional services. The service will be available in the city of London, as of its launch. For £7, EatFirst not only provides the customer with a freshly prepared lunch, but also with quick delivery, all within 15 minutes of the order being placed.

Unlike traditional food delivery services, EatFirst offers both speedy delivery and high-quality meals. Customers can access EatFirst through the iPhone app or website, and choose from a daily-changing menu of two meals, freshly prepared by one of EatFirst’s professional chefs; the chef team is lead by Executive Chef Jane Tran, who alongside a solid background in Michelin starred restaurants across the globe, also adds a touch of ‘motherly love’ to every recipe. All ingredients are freshly picked, and sourced only from trusted and tested partners.

Rahul Parekh, co-founder of EatFirst, says: “We really believe that everyone should be able to eat well, even if they don’t have time to cook. In a vibrant and fast-paced city like London, eating well and eating fast is a constant struggle and more often than not, the only alternatives are unhealthy, low-quality takeaways. With EatFirst, we aim to revolutionise the food delivery market by not only providing healthy meals, but also delivering them faster than your average service. The food delivery market is rapidly expanding in the UK but alongside this, health and fitness concerns have been on the rise. At EatFirst, we believe that we can tip the balance in favour of a healthier and more varied diet. We like to think of our meals as ‘honest food’: fresh, diverse, tasty and always fairly priced.”

Britain remains a nation of fast-food addicts, according to a study conducted by OnePoll. A typical Brit spends more than a third of their entire food budget on fast-food, with Britain as a whole spending a whopping £30 billion on takeaways every year. One in four of those surveyed cited laziness as the main reason for their takeaway habit and another 13% claimed they simply don’t have the time to cook.

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Marko Srsan
Marko Srsan
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