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Apparel crowdfunding: Paris-based Teezily expands to Germany

Teezily.com, a Paris-based startup which could be described as the European version of Teespring, will expand to Germany within the coming days. After their start in the French market, Teezily already expanded to the UK ealier this year.

By the way: The role model for Teezily, Teespring, just raised $20 million from Andreessen Horowitz. The French startup and the US-based original offer an easy way to design and sell custom apparel online. The growing ecommerce platform of Teezily allows anyone to create and sell custom shirts of their own design and finance the production of the shirts through a crowdfunding campaign. The startups’ goal goal is to make selling shirts you design as easy as possible through leveraging social media to help you make money and raise funds for charities.

When you use Teezily, you don’t have to pay upfront. Your campaign’s success depends on your idea and the people who are willing to support it. Just use the online designer of Teezily to create your perfect item and to decide the number of shirts you plan to sell. Then, you need to share your campaign with supporters and collect pre-orders towards your goal among your natural, niche or targeted audiences.

How Teezily is different from crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter is the fact that all production and the shipping of the crowdfunded goods are handled by Teezily itself – not by you. The company’s business model involves taking a flat margin per shirt, and customers sell those shirts for whatever they want.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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