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Takeaway.com acquires Berlin-based food delivery startup Lieferando and raises €73 million

After the rumours of last week, it’s now official. Takeaway.com is acquiring the Berlin-based food delivery startup Lieferando. But that’s not all. Takeaway also announced today that it has raised €73 million in additional funding from Prime Ventures, Macquarie Capital and the founders of Lieferando.

Takeaway.com is one of the world’s largest food delivery websites active in Germany with Lieferservice.de. The company will merge the two brands in Germany to create a leading food delivery portal in Germany. With this deal, Takeaway.com is acquiring Lieferando in one of the largest deals ever in the history of food delivery websites globally.

Together Lieferando.de and Lieferservice.de offer access to the largest restaurant network in Germany, with delivery available from over 10,000 restaurants. The two platforms together will process around 1.7 million orders on a monthly basis for approximately 27,000 delivery restaurants. Over 95% of orders are currently processed in four markets: Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Austria, and interestingly, the acquisition of Lieferando also includes Lieferando’s Polish subsidiary, Pyszne.pl, bringing the total number of markets Takeaway.com is active in to ten. Both Takeaway.com and Lieferando are profitable, bringing in about 600,000 orders per month. This will be the second largest operation run by Takeaway.com, after its highly successful Dutch business Thuisbezorgd.nl.

Lieferando’s management team will be given senior positions in Takeaway.com. Lieferando’s founders Christoph Gerber, Jörg Gerbig and Kai Hansen are thrilled: “We are excited to join a founder-driven like-minded company. By merging two profitable and fast-growing companies we will expand our continental European market leadership to the benefit of customers and restaurants.”

Takeaway.com’s CEO Jitse Groen also commented: “We are excited with the deal. Lieferando is a great company, with arguably the best product in the business. Together with the Lieferando team it is our aim to build the largest food delivery website in Germany and Poland as well as to create the best food delivery website globally.”

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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