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Amsterdam-based Casengo raises €1.5m to accelerate growth

A consortium of European investors led by VC firm henQ injects € 1.5 million into Casengo. This cloud application, which launched in December 2012, empowers companies to respond to their customers faster and better, without losing the human touch. The Amsterdam-based startup Casengo was founded in 2011. Today, its application is beeing used by over 2,300 businesses worldwide.

Casengo mixes support software (like Zendesk or Desk.com) with chat applications like (Olark or LiveChat). By introducing a clever blend of email, chat and social media, Casengo helps businesses reply to customer questions faster and better. The application sends all messages, wherever they come from, straight to one single team inbox. It is about the message, not the medium.

“We see that retaining existing customers is getting at least as important as gaining new ones,” says Herman Hintzen, henQ’s managing partner. He continued: “Customer service is a huge growth market. Using Casengo, even small businesses can now continuously improve the responses they give to their customers. Casengo’s experienced team made the application from scratch as an international, multilingual platform. That makes it stand out from its – mainly American – competitors.”

For more info about how Casengo works, check out the video below:

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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