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WhatsApp alternative Hoccer secures € 50M from Dirk Ströer

Hoccer, the “secure” WhatsApp alternative out of Germany, just received €50 million from Dirk Ströer (a wealthy German media entrepreneur). To be honest with you, this large investment, which grants Dirk Ströer 51% equity in the startup, was the first time I ever heard about Hoccer. But since the big acquisition deal between Facebook and WhatsApp, alternative messaging apps are very hot right now – especially when they claim to protect your data (keyword: NSA/Snowden).

So what’s the story behind Hoccer? Created by a small group of devel­op­ers, Hoccer’s first Android and IPhone version (Hoccer classic) launched in 2009. In 2010 the Berlin-based team incorporated the project and founded the Hoccer GmbH. After a major update of the app in December 2011 and the release of Hoccer XO in 2013, the young company counts over two million downloads so far.

Nice to know: Hoccer’s end-to-end encryption technology ensures that only you and the intended receivers can decipher the message. Even Hoccer isn’t capable to read your messages. In addition, the encrypted information that you transfer to others stays on Hoccer’s servers only for the time until the recipient has received your message.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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