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German home and living startup Westwing increases net revenue to €110 million

Westing, a leading international eCommerce startup in the home and living market, today announced that it has grown net revenues to €110 million in 2013, after returns, in just its second full year of business. Westwing had previously generated net revenues of €41 million in 2012 and €0.5 million in 2011.

Westwing’s rapid growth is in large part driven by high customer loyalty, with 75% of monthly sales coming from repeat customers. The Munich-based company has established a leading position in the ten markets it serves, among them emerging markets like Brazil and Russia, as well as European core markets like Germany, Italy, and France.

Stefan-SmallaStefan Smalla, the founder and CEO of Westwing, commented: “Westwing has almost tripled sales in the last year. With these results we have become the leading international eCommerce retailer in home and living outside the US and the most exciting movement in this market. We are passionate to always carry the top interior brands and products, introduce the most exciting trends, and guarantee the best experience for our community of more than 12 million members.”

In 2013, Westwing generated more than 1.2 million orders, adding up to 2.8 million sold products. Orders are increasingly being made on mobile devices, with 34% of sales already on mobile. Westwing has doubled its member base to 12 million in the last year, however there is still much more opportunity ahead, with the global home and living market exceeding €400 billion; this is a similar size to the fashion market, but in terms of the shift to online development, it finds itself at an earlier stage.

Westwing has invested significantly into its infrastructure. It is now running six global logistics centres in Germany, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Poland, and Spain. This enables the company to optimize logistics processes in an integrated cross-border setup, and to serve customers with hundreds of thousands of different products per year that are often not available to local customers at other retailers, offline or online.

Stefan Smalla: “This year, we will further step up our efforts to make the Westwing customer experience world-class by heavily investing into our logistics network and technology platform. We will be working even closer with our suppliers to curate the most inspiring, unique, and high-quality merchandise. We will massively grow in all markets to extend our number one position. And we will continue to fulfill our mission: To inspire and to make every home a beautiful home.”

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Thomas Ohr
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  1. Interesting numbers… 1.2 million orders, not bad at all if not yet another Rocket marketing trick for investors. Time will tell.

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