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Italian cloud wi-fi startup Cloud4Wi closes a $4 million Series A funding round

Today Cloud4Wi, an Italian startup that provides next generation cloud wi-fi solutions, announced it has raised $4 million in a Series A funding round from United Ventures to support its international expansion. Cloud4Wi, which is headquartered in Cascina, is now also expanding to North America, a move that will be particularly supporting by United Ventures with this Series A investment. The new capital will, in part, assist a strategic new San Francisco-based office and a growing team.

Cloud4Wi’s cloud platform allows venues to monetise their provision of wi-fi services by leveraging the Cloud4Wi marketplace, which is the first marketplace of it’s kind in the industry. Benefits of the marketplace to venues are multiple; they can promote special offers to customers via the branded splash portal, provide easy-to-use applications to help customers enjoy their visits, utilise powerful marketing tools to retain and develop their customer bases, capture customer data via sophisticated analytics tools and spread their brand thanks to social wi-fi. Moreover, with the wi-fi marketplace being open to third party developers, the potential for innovation and expansion of choice for clients is huge.

Andrea Calcagno, the CEO of Cloud4Wi, stated: The financial support and industry expertise of United Ventures will help us accelerate our grow in the international scenario more rapidly – and with the benefit of experience and relationships of a leading tech investor.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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