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BrickVisual – the visualised architecture

I had the chance to meet the 3 founders of BrickVisualAttilaAndrás and Josi at their new office, an amazing loft in the Buda side of the capital of Hungary, with a huge piano in the middle of the space.

EU-Startups: What’s your story? How did you all meet?

BrickVisual: We all met at at a former job where we worked as colleagues. Josi is an economist with a great international professional network, he has been responsible for the sales, Attila and András are architects. What we do is architectural visualization, but we spice it up with many things that our competitors do not do – for instance, we also got assigned for commercial videos related to green energy, short movies for construction projects and even time-lapse visualization. One of our colleagues is a music composer, so we even created our own music for the videos. All in all: our unique selling point is the generalist approach, we do not have a tight specialization, we can provide solutions on a wide scale.

EU-Startups: Could you tell something about your growth and your markets?

BrickVisual: We started up last May (in 2012) the 3 of us in a 20 m2 room, later we moved into a low level office, then 3 months later into a loft and finally a month ago into our current office. At the moment we are 20 people all together. First we approached companies with presence in Hungary, just like Skanska and V17, but soon we realized that the local market is not strong and big enough, so we decided to reach out to the global markets.

We started selling ourselves as the first step, later we have managed to build cooperations with local partners at several countries – we have sales colleagues in Norway, Austria and we cooperate with a creative agency in Australia. We are also working on projects in Switzerland, Canada, Ukraine and South-Africa, but our biggest markets are the USA and Norway at the moment. In the USA we were working on the 7th tower of the new World Trade Centre and now working on some parts of the Transportation Hub.


EU-Startups: It seems you are going forward really fast. What is your “secret”?


BrickVisual: Looking back to the start we all were naive and brave, these are still the most important competencies we have. 🙂 We actually realized that the talent pool for 3D vizalization in Hungary is great. This and the fact that the wages in Hungary in this profession are generally lower than in the countries where we are present in, gives us a very significant competitive advantage. These guys are mainly architects as a profession, who self-educated themselves for 3D softwares. But we also have to admit that we are running out of experienced talents locally so we are also looking at other countries – we have just hired an Italian guy in our team.


EU-Startups: What about your financials? Have you raised money?


BrickVisual: We are really proud of having build our company without any investment, purely boot strapped. We have been approached by investors a couple of times but we refused all of them. Our revenue for 2013 will be close to 1 million EUR, and this is our first full operational year!


EU-Startups: Amazing! Finally, could you tell us something about your plans?


BrickVisual: Professionally our main focus is a better integration of our services: image production and movie production including flight through films, which can demonstrate the spaces and the architectural beauties in a visual way. Market-wise: we are planning to expand into more counties, just like Singapore, Belgium, The Netherlands and other countries where construction is a prospering business.


EU-Startups: Thank you very much for your time and let us wish you all the best!

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Peter Kovacs
Peter Kovacs
Peter Kovacs is the Co-Founder of Global Startup Awards, xLabs and IseeQ . He contributes to EU-Startups with founder interviews and stories, mostly from the CEE region.

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