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Turku-based marketing startup Walkbase raises €3 million

Walkbase, the marketing optimisation platform for brick and mortar retailers, today announced it has secured a Series A funding round worth €3 million from SBT Venture Capital and Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (former CEO of Nokia).

Walkbase will invest the funds in strengthening its sales, marketing and customer insight teams, as well as accelerating its growth strategy to become the leading marketing optimisation platform for omni-channel retail in EMEA and Russia.

Walkbase, which was founded in 2010, has developed a platform to measure, understand and optimise the omni-channel customer journey, where smartphone-enabled shoppers jump between online and offline channels while they search, research, and purchase products. Walkbase offers state-of-the-art online and offline campaign analysis and forecasting tools for Chief Marketing Officers who are continuing the digitisation of retail marketing budgets. The Walkbase platform makes it easy to integrate new kinds of offline customer behaviour data with existing retail business intelligence and marketing automation software. Walkbase’s current clients, many of whom are UK-based, include top brands in the fields of automotive retail, banking and fashion retail.

Mircea Mihaescu, Partner at SBT Venture Capital, stated:“After a thorough analysis of the field at Sberbank, we have selected Walkbase as the most promising platform for marketing optimisation in offline retail. In connection, SBT Venture Capital and Walkbase have agreed on the closing of a €3 million Series A round of financing. In addition to the investment, we plan to adopt this technology at Sberbank across our 18,000 retail branches”.

Check out the video below by Essence Digital to learn more about Walkbase:

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