The 4 winners of the state granted technology incubator called ‘Gazelle’ announced


On 15th October 2013 the National Innovation Office of Hungary announced the four chosen technology incubators whose mission will be to accelerate the growth of the local startup ecosystem by receiving a funding from the Hungarian state for 20 grants worth around 5.500.000 EUR in total.

Peter Arvai, the CEO at Prezi, was a member of the decision making board. The foto on the left shows the board and the winners.

And the winners are:

ACME Labs (Gyorgy Karady, Chris Farkas, Glenn Thomas)
Digital Factory (Szabolcs Valner, Viktor Szathmary,  Zaboji Peter)
iCatapult (Imre Hild, Gabor Papp, Zsuzsanna Takacs, Csongor Bias, Peter Krajcsovics)
-Acquincum Technology Incubator (Kamilla Szandrocha, Gabor Bojar, Ernő Duda)

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