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Paris-based ‘Search as a Service’ company Algolia raises $1.5 million

The Paris-based startup Algolia today announced having raised a seed round of $1.5 million from Index Ventures, Point Nine Capital and Alven Capital. Business Angels such as Producteev’s founder Ilan Abehassera, and Fotolia’s founder Thibaud Elzière, also participated in this round.

Algolia, which was founded in 2012, offers a SaaS search API for developers who are looking for a turnkey solution to deliver real-time, typo-tolerant and location-aware search for their applications and websites. Designed with a mobile-first approach, Algolia’s Search API was built to provide fast and sharp results on mobile and desktop, offline and online, no matter the size of the database or the number of users. In addition to performance, Algolia has mastered what relevancy should look like for object search. Dropping the traditional obscure statistical approach, Algolia offers developers a way to decide on the fly which factors will come into play when returning results. Developers can set their own rules, offering the unique ability to combine relevance with objects’ popularity. Algolia’s outstanding performance is standard for the millions of daily searches carried out by clients such as Socialcam.

Guillaume Luccisano, VP Engineering at Socialcam, stated: “The response times are unbelievable. On average, queries over our +130 million user database are answered in less than 40/ms. That’s a staggering 25x faster response rate than our previous provider.”

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Thomas Ohr
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