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Interview with Alix de Sagazan (AB Tasty)

We recently had the chance to do an interview with Alix de Sagazan – the Co-founder of AB Tasty. The Paris-based startup offers an online A/B testing tool which allows you to carry out tests, in a few minutes and without any technical knowledge, using your web browser. Your results are displayed in simple graphs, making your decisions quick and clear.

EU-Startups.com: A/B testing is a trendy topic in the digital world. Could you explain it in a few words?

Alix de Sagazan: A/B testing is a simple method to test variations of a website against the original and compare consumer behaviors in order to improve the quality of the site and its conversion rate, leading more users to buy, complete a form registration, click a link…

With AB Tasty, our A/B SAAS application, these tests are easy to set up and do not require any technical knowledge.

For instance, one of our client, Etam, a French online boutique, simply changed a category label all over its website. It took less than 5 minutes to implement this test that produced a 9.8% increase of the visitor flow. To get more details, check out our online video below this article or try our product for free during 30 days.

EU-Startups.com: How did you get the idea of AB Tasty?

Alix de Sagazan: Rémi and I started a webanalytics consulting company to help online players to increase their conversion rate. This experience made us understand how difficult it was for Marketing Teams to run A/B tests. They had to modify pages on their server with the help of their IT department, being therefore dependent on the technical team workflow. It was always taking time and energy, especially for big companies with complex IT processes.

We just asked ourselves this question: how could we make the A/B testing process simpler and introduce more agility? That’s the philosophy behind AB Tasty: a simple online software to set up A/B tests without technical knowledge. We want to fulfill marketing teams needs as well as technical ones and we successfully manage to provide both ease of use and advanced features.

EU-Startups.com: What are your achievements since the beginning of the year 2013? And what do you plan for future?

Alix de Sagazan: We have been enjoying the development of AB Testing in France. We have increased our turnover by 300% and win some big French online-retailers like Cdiscount, the leading e-commerce French player, Photobox or Bouygues Telecom. Even media players as France Télévisions and Prisma Media have chosen our solution.
Last summer, we introduced on the French market a brand new offer on a Pay As You Go pricing model to help small players to get a taste of our solution and discover A/B testing. So far A/B testing was a big player tool. We think that small players should also benefit from it.

We will as soon as possible develop our activity to other European countries. We have always wanted AB Tasty to become an international AB Testing tool.

EU-Startups.com: According to you, what is going to be different in other European countries than France?

Alix de Sagazan: We try to build up an international tool in order to satisfy every current clients and future ones. Our offers are currently relevant for French companies but consumer behaviors and expectations are different from one country to another. So we’ll have to face cultural differences as well as various approaches to A/B testing and to adapt ourselves!

We are also aware that local footprint as a huge impact on a product development in a new country. For instance, Webtrekk, a web analytics German tool, has succeeded in competing with the giant Webtrends, especially in Italy, thanks to a local establishment in 2011. So local offices may be required in the near future.

EU-Startups.com: You want to expand to European market. What are the strengths that make you better that your competitors?

Alix de Sagazan: First of all we have a web analytics background that helps us understand marketing needs and concerns. Our client approach is a key strength while the market still needs education. Secondly, we are close to our consumers as much as possible and will keep develop our tool based on their on-going feedback. Every time a consumer asks us about a new feature, we think and rethink AB Tasty in order to improve it. I let you imagine our roadmap of new features 😉 Website personalization and mobile testing are on top of it.

Regarding already deployed features, we differentiate ourselves from the competition through a focus on reports and segmentation. While it’s possible to link a test to your analytics software (Google Analytics, Omniture…), we think that delivering raw data to our customers is not enough. That’s why we have developed an intuitive and powerful report interface to read your results. Segmentation is also a feature that makes us stand out: you can create complex testing scenarios based on your user behaviors. At last but not least, we also provide full support to our premium customers and in-house training. They enjoy our experience and ideas to build new tests and to analyze results.

EU-Startups.com: You told me you hired 6 people this year. Are you still looking for talents?

Alix de Sagazan: For sure! As we plan to expand on Europe, we need more staff from engineers to account managers, to quickly answer client questions and provide the quality of support we are already reputed to deliver in France.

EU-Startups.com: Finally do you have A/B testing tips for our readers?

Alix de Sagazan: AB Testing isn’t luck! You must deeply analyze your web analytics data as well as other data sources to understand your user experiences, identify potential problems and figure out clever solutions that will serve your testing hypothesis. Then test it. If it’s a success, well done! If it’s not, do not give up and test again!

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