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Italian incubator Digital Magics is listed on the Stock Exchange

Digital Magics, a Milan-based incubator of Italian startups, today announced that Borsa Italiana admitted Digital Magics shares for trading on AIM Italia, the “Alternative Investment Market” (Update – April 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website, and we therefore deactivated the original link).

AIM Italia is for small and medium-sized Italian enterprises with high growth potential, and is organised and managed by Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange). The trading start date for the company’s ordinary shares is scheduled for the 31 July 2013. The initial trading price is set at €7.50 per share.

Enrico Gasperini, Founder and Chairman of Digital Magics, stated: “We believe that AIM Italia can play a crucial role in the set-up of an Italian venture capital market, by supporting the development of technology companies with high growth potential and cooperating with all operators, such as funds and investment companies that are already operating within the innovation marketplace”.

He continued: “In other countries, secondary markets play a key role helping innovative small- and medium-sized enterprises to carry out their growth. The most successful enterprises will be able to fully access the primary market. As a matter of fact, our initiative is an ecosystem-based operation aiming to strengthen our leadership position in this key marketplace”.

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Thomas Ohr
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