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Online train ticket platform Capitaine Train raises €2.5 million

The French startup Capitaine Train recently secured €2.5 million in fresh funding from Index Ventures and CM-CIC Capital Privé (Update – April 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website, and we therefore deactivated the original link).

Founded in 2009, Capitaine Train is probably Europe’s most innovative online train ticket booking platform. The Paris-based company sells tickets to many European destinations with a focus on delivering great user experience and exceptional customer service.

Capitaine Train is the only booking site that distributes all of the offers of the two major railway companies in Europe: SNCF and Deutsche Bahn. In addition to this, the startup also sells iDTGV, Eurostar, Thalys and Lyria tickets. Capitaine Train’s mission is to become the no. 1 marketplace for all major European rail operators.

Jean-Daniel Guyot, co-founder and CEO of Capitaine Train, said: “This investment will fuel our entry to new markets while assisting our growth in France. We’re thrilled to have such a strong group of investors supporting that mission.”

Martin Mignot, principal at Index Ventures, stated: “Capitaine Train has a unique position, seamlessly connecting European booking systems and making them available to customers in a beautifully simple and easy-to-use website. Capitaine Train continuously shows strong results in terms of growth, revenue and customers engagement.”

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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  1. Purchasing tickets on sites like Voyages-SNCF, the official ticketing site for France’s only train line, has been notoriously ugly, difficult, and just annoying. While very recent innovations, like e-tickets and the ability to look at schedules without seeing prices has made things a little easier, it only gets worse when you want to travel abroad. I experienced the issue first hand last year when I used Voyages SNCF to purchase tickets that would take me from London to Cologne by way of Paris & Brussels. The tickets were not allowed to be done in e-ticketing format, since some of the trains I was taking was by companies which didn’t offer the service, and, little did I know when I arrived in Belgium, I was unable to print my ticket from Brussels to Cologne outside of France – yeah, that makes sense. The worst of it was explaining that in French to someone who was Flemish – I doubt that made my fine for only having an email confirmation any smaller.

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