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CRM: Malmö-based Dexplora raises $1.2 million

The Swedish startup Dexplora today announced a seed investment of $1.2 million to support its drive to improve enterprise tools and empower sales organisations. Its first product, the intelligent task app GetSalesDone, has been developed to improve sales workflow and eventually make CRM input obsolete. Investors include well-known VCs Creandum and DN Capital and twelve angel investors.

Dexplora was founded in 2012 by the team behind The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), which was acquired by BlackBerry in 2010. With the passion for developing great user interfaces and the knowledge gained at TAT for getting the right experience for consumers, the team is now using their design expertise to improve enterprise software and provide smarter, customisable solutions for companies looking to maximise the efficiency of their sales data.

“Traditional CRM systems don’t seem to be designed with the end user – the human – in mind. This means that no matter how powerful a tool it may be, companies aren’t getting the best out of it,” said Hampus Jakobsson, Co-founder and CEO of Dexplora. “After years of working in sales ourselves, we felt that there was a real need for a tool that is intuitive and intelligent, and so after months of development and working with over 50 test companies, we’re happy to announce the launch of GetSalesDone – the best way to be mobile with the essentials of Salesforce.com.”

Dexplora will use the funding to support the launch of GetSalesDone in the UK and US and to further expand the offering available including support for additional enterprise solutions. Watch the following video to learn more about GetSalesDone:

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Thomas Ohr
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