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Axel Springer and the Silicon Valley myth (+funny video)

Axel Springer, one of the largest media companies in Europe, aims very hard to transform its traditional print business to become the leading digital media company in Europe. For that reason, the German media giant started a digital research project several months ago where they sent a team of top executives to the Valley on the hunt for digital ideas and new opportunities. One of the results was a partnership between Plug and Play Tech Center and Axel Springer, which led to the foundation of Axel Springer Plug and Play – a new accelerator program based in Berlin.

While the research project is now comming to an end, Axel Springer today published a funny video called “The Story of Axel Springer’s Famous Garage” where it describes itself as a company which was once founded in a tiny garage in the Silicon Valley:

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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