Hackers and Founders – Amsterdam edition


If you are working on your own product or having a dream about starting, H&F Amsterdam edition is definitely a place to be this week.

We can easily name this week in Amsterdam IT-week. Starting already this Monday and lasting all the way to the weekend, Amsterdam promises to delight the tastes of even the pickiest of us. With The Next Web as the central attraction, this week will be full of side events with people gathering all over the globe.

This year, H&F are having an (they call it “private party”) interesting event on the evening of the 25th of April.

Who should attend? Product developers, investors and founders of startups – the crowd should be as diverse as it can get. With only a limited number of places available, we highly encourage you to reserve your spots ASAP.

The H&F traditional agenda does not include lectures or speakers, everybody will have time on a stage to tell about themselves and their goals for attending the event. Then you will have time to network and find people that you are interested in – investors, partners, mentors or evangelists of your idea.