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busuu hits 30m users and launches a Spanish course for kids

busuu, one of the world’s largest language-learning communities, today announced that it has just reached 30 million users (out of 200 countries). Founded in 2008, Busuu raised € 3.5 million by the end of last year and moved from Madrid to London. According to the young company, its social network for language learning is growing at about 40,000 new users a day.

In addition to the new milestone regarding user growths, busuu also announced the launch of its 2nd iPad app for kids. The first one was for kids to learn English, the newest one is for Spanish. The basic version of the new app is free and teaches kids 150 words of Spanish through 30 learning units. An upgrade to the full app or specific learning units can then be purchased.

Bernhard Niesner, the Co-founder and CEO of busuu, told TechCrunch: “We have raised only € 4.2m in total and grew to 30m users, simply because we had been very careful in looking at the user metrics and trying to improve our product day after day. We still have a long way to go and online education in general is at a very early stage, but it´s as simple as in any other industry: if people like your product because it works, they will come back, recommend it to their friends and actually pay for it.”

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Thomas Ohr
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