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German audio streaming service Aupeo is acquired by Panasonic

Panasonic’s division company “Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America” today announced the acquisition of Aupeo, a leading content and audio streaming service and technology platform provider, based in Berlin (Update – March 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website, and we therefore deactivated the original link).
With the acquisition of Aupeo, Panasonic aims to further enhance its technology and customer relationship tools for its automotive customers.

Founded in 2008 by Armin G. Schmidt, Aupeo is now licensed to operate streaming services in more than 40 countries, offering consumers a rich personalised music experience. Aupeo also offers consumers more than 6,000 channels of terrestrial radio, podcast streaming and other services; it will continue to rapidly deploy new products to meet the demands of end-users, as well as Panasonic’s customers in the automotive and other industries.

Tom Gebhardt, President of Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, stated: “There is a considerable need for a connected and personalised media content platform that enables consumers to access content on any device while also enabling businesses to have a richer relationship with their customers. Conventional consumer-focused music and content services do not address all the needs of car manufacturers. Aupeo’s technologies and content delivery platform provide a solution that is complementary to Panasonic’s automotive, business-to-business and business-to-consumer product lines.”

“Aupeo was founded with a clear vision to deliver online and seamless content services
to internet-connected devices,”
said Holger G. Weiss, CEO of Aupeo. “At that point, we
saw the car as our most important focus. It is exciting to become a part of the Panasonic
family as our industry continues to grow rapidly and mature. Aupeo and Panasonic
remain deeply committed to providing current and potential customers in all industries
with leading global music and audio streaming services and technologies.”

Watch the following video to learn a little bit more about what Aupeo is (or was?!):

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