The to​p Facebook gaming ge​nres​ – according to AppStats


AppStats, a comprehensive Facebook analysis and metrics database which is part of the Berlin-based Observer Network, today informed us about of the to​p Facebook gaming ge​nres​.

Since most of you are familiar with gaming hits like Farmville this may not surprise you: The Farm genre is the most played social gaming category on Facebook with almost 20 million daily active users (that is, people logging in to play every single day). But keep in mind that Zynga’s newly released Farmville 2 alone boasts 8.700,000 daily active users. And the list of top genres with the rank 2-5 goes on like this:

-The hugely popular Bubble Shooter games, unsurprisingly, take second place. They have proved a real hit and a number of developers showcase their games in this genre’s top ten. Zynga’s Bubble Safari shows DAU totaling an enormous 4.9 million.

-The Match-3 genre takes third place with 4.7 million DAU for top game Candy Crush Saga. This genre is fairly equally represented with various game developers compiling the top ten Match-3 games.

-The Slot Machine genre takes fourth spot with a total of just over 11.5 million DAU. This genre is an interesting one to watch. Such games are not regulated on Facebook and users do not play with real money. There is, however, high incentive for the company to start monetization of these games. In fact, the folks from Menlo Park have collaborated with UK developer Gamesys and launched a pilot project that sees a gambling game played with real money.

-At fifth place is the Word game genre. Word games can be played on or offline, without the need for sound and can be played during a short break at work. All of these factors have contributed to the increased popularity of such games illustrated by number one word game Words with Friends boasting 6 million daily active users.