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Portuguese advertising startup Tuizzi is going global

Tuizzi is the booking.com of outdoor advertising, and also the winner of second place at the Startup Games in London last weekend.

Whether you are a small business owner, a brand manager or an advertising agency, this platform will help you find and buy the local advertisements you are looking for. What’s more, if you are the proud owner of a few billboards, you can put them up for sale and even manage your business for a fee.

Today we met Afonso Santos, co-founder of this Porto based startup and asked him if it was really that easy. Afonso answered: “It was fun and at the end we got the best prize I could ask, a new mentor I trust will help us put the next step in place”. Afonso also mentioned the team of three co-founders and one employee is looking to take the next step: “We are making some money in Portugal and we think we are more than ready to take a global approach, we just feel we need to take an additional step before scaling up”.

Tuizzi was a recent winner of the Switch Conference in Lisbon, also defeating 120 startups at the London Startup “Olympics”, where UK-based Versarien, a high technology company specializing in materials development took the gold medal.

Now it’s back to business. The company is looking for other markets and “a big investor might be on the horizon”, so strong are the effects of nabbing second place at the Startup Games. Afonso confirms “this will be a Series A round, we mostly funded the project ourselves up to now”. We look forward to hear from that development. My guess: given the size of the market they are in, it may well be the deal of the year in Portugal.

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Reinaldo Ferreira
Reinaldo Ferreira
Reinaldo Ferreira is a serial entrepreneur and investor in technology companies. He lives in Porto and writes mostly about Portuguese startups and technology topics.


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