Robotic revolution: ZenRobotics secures €13 million


ZenRobotics, a Helsinki-based tech company which is the world leader in robotic recycling, today announced it raised €13 million from Invus. Lifeline Ventures, a Finnish technology accelerator, participates with a minority stake. The funding will be used to achieve world domination – or in other words: it allows ZenRobotics to grow and to commercialize its ZenRobotics Recycler product on a global scale.

The company’s main product, ZenRobotics Recycler, is a revolutionary robotic waste sorting system. This solution currently reclaims valuable raw materials from construction and demolition waste, with industrial robots controlled by artificial intelligence. The system offers significant savings in disposal costs by identifying and picking valuable raw materials that would otherwise be lost. Payback time is estimated at less than a year.

Juho Malmberg (the CEO of ZenRobotics) stated: “The fantastic ZenRobotics team has created a product that is unique; it will be a tough act to follow. After an intensive research and product development phase we’re now shipping: the world gets ZenRobotics Recycler! Our continued partnership with Invus opens great possibilities. We can now go global, fast. The robotic revolution in recycling is closer than ever!”.

ZenRobotics was founded in 2007. The ambitious team behind this Helsinki based company not only creates “real products”, they also seem to have a good type of humor. You should definitely check out their epic ZenRobotics-trailer below:


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