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Lithuanian Mobile startup beats 2M registered users mark

Lithuanian Mobile startup beats 2M registered users mark

Lithuanian mobile startup MoboFree crossed the line of 2 million registered users. MoboFree allows for mobile web users to find a new friend or a date and learn new things right via mobile phone. The project is oriented to African users and provides large data basis of video lessons where users can find info about different practical issues – for example how to prevent HIV or how to prepare attractive CV. Also users can learn topics taught in schools – for example lessons of foreign languages.

MoboFree attracts visitors from all over the world, but the largest customer base is from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Project representatives said the growth in these countries is consciously chosen direction. Because of economic and social reasons more than 80 % of population in these countries reaches the Internet only through mobile phone. Mobile Internet usage in Africa is growing dramatically each year as mobile phone is the only way to discover news and communicate with others.

MoboFree’s developers admited that the first steps of the project were very difficult. It was not easy to understand needs and cultural differences of users living on the other side of the world. Competition was very tight also as main competitors were projects with big teams and millions of investment funds. “For 1.5 years we have worked very hard, but now we are happy to be a live example that success can be achieved with only 3 people in the team, even in the absence of any external financial support,” – said the project representatives.

Currently more than 10,000 new users join project every day. MoboFree fan page on the social networking Facebook has more than 170,000 fans. The project receives at least 300,000 unique users every day. In the nearest plans – further active development in selected countries, smart phones applet development. It is expected that at the end of the year MoboFree will have 5 million registered users.


  1. I work for MoboFree.com – emotions based mobile social network. MoboFree has a lot of usual features, like dating, downloads, chat, forum, contests with prizes. But also it has very specific and unique emotions-related features.And of course, project is totally free for users.

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