addFleet gets €3M from Telefonica and La Caixa


Meet addFleet, a Barcelona based provider of fleet management services. And here comes Telefónica and La Caixa, just nine months after the company starts, with a €3M “inversión” (investment).

The company’s main product is a complete solution that includes the free taxi calling mobile app for users, a similar web based app for desktop use, the taxi driver app for location based customer picking and a management panel for dispatch center management. You can pretty much guess the benefits of the complete system: users get top service with permanent free calling and estimated time of arrival, taxi drivers are automatically assigned services based on proximity to customers, benefiting with lower waiting times and some fuel savings, while dispatch centers can manage service quality in real time. All this with a cloud based, turn-key, easy setup solution. And did I mention the radio system goes to the closet?

The addFleet funding is Telefónica Digital’s firstaddfleet-app homeland investment. London based Spanish Telecom is specifically looking to technology solution providers to integrate in their portfolio directed to more than 300 million customers worldwide. La Caixa’s venture capital arm, Caixa Capital TIC, invests in the area of internet technologies and the Internet and jumped in the deal too. addFleet has been accelerated by the Inspirit group.

I touched base with the founders to find what they plan to do with the money. I knew worldwide expansion was under way, after testing done in Europe and Latin America. Specifically, they’re focusing first on Brazil, Spain, Italy, UK and the US, with other Latin American countries following. We talked about the price model and, given the cloud approach, the company can offer the platform to dispatch centers of any size.

M2M is growing for anyone to see. I have to say that I rarely understand when M2M stands for Machine to Machine or Mobile to Mobile. Either one of the two, the big guys are on the playground.