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German photo app Pictorama lets you earn money with your smartphone

Pictorama, a Hamburg-based startup that aims to enter the micro-stock photography market, has recently launched its Pictorama app.

The new app enables users to sell their smartphone pictures via a digital market place and earn up to 50% of the selling price per picture license sold. Pictorama only sells time- and GPS-tagged pictures, which is a feature that helps buyers to look for local and seasonal pictures. Pictorama is available on the App store, and an Android version will be available on Google Play soon.

So how does Pictorama work? A user takes a picture with the Pictorama app, then uploads it, and waits for feedback from the Pictorama community. After a certain number of community members have liked the picture, a Pictorama photo expert checks whether the picture meets all required standards. If the picture meets these requirements, it is published on the market place; this system ensures high quality standards for all uploaded pictures. Pictorama also guarantees that the pictures will not be sold anywhere else.

Truventuro, a Hamburg-based investment company, as well as Klaas Kersting (founder of Gameforge and Flaregames) own a share of Pictorama, as a 6-figure sum was invested. The Truventuro team is both operationally and strategically involved in the development of Pictorama. Klaas Kersting supports the startup in regard to their strategic direction.

Christopher Becker, founder and CEO of Pictorama, stated: “The demand for local graphic material definitely exists. During my career I have discovered often that there weren’t enough high-class regional pictures which I could buy on the internet. This is going to change from now on. Our unique rating system ensures a huge number of premium pictures. We are taking on some of the biggest micro-stock photography companies by offering original pictures for less money.”

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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