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German games developer MobileBits secures new funding

The Hamburg-based investor iVentureCapital has just acquired a share in the German development studio MobileBits (Update – February 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website and we therefore deactivated the link).

The young games company has offices in Hamburg and Hannover and was founded in 2009. The founding team and more than twenty employees concentrated on developing games for various platforms such as Android, iOS, browsers and consoles. An important asset is their proprietary, multi-platform-capable Delta Engine, most recently used to develop the free-to-play action RPG, SoulCraft. The Delta Engine designed by MobileBits is tool that allows games to be published on all platforms with their own app stores, requiring only minimal adjustments. Currently the engine supports Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android, Android Tablets and Windows Phone 7.

Michael Reul, iVentureCapital’s co-founder and senior partner, stated: “MobileBits’ four-man founding team has years of experience in the games industry, and has delivered convincing results throughout. The innovative Delta Engine allows new free-to-play games like SoulCraft to be played on mobile devices, browsers and, in the near future, also on consoles.”

Karsten Wysk, MobileBits’ CEO, commented on the iVentureCapital investment: “We made a very conscious decision in our new financing round to go with iVentureCapital, based mainly on their know-how in traffic generation, billing and the monetization of online content.”

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Thomas Ohr
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