BlaBlaCar: Over one million seats av​ailable​!


BlaBlaCar, a leading European marketplace that connects any driver with empty seats with paying passengers to offset travel costs, has just reached over one million seats available. The Paris-based startup Comuto S.A.S., started out with a French carpooling platform ( in 2007. Today, the young company also operates an English, Italian, and Spanish platform.

Having just reached its 2 million-member milestone in Europe, BlaBlaCar’s community use the service to make travel more economical, eco-friendly and social. BlaBlaCar/Comuto transports 5 million people on a yearly basis and is growing at an exponential pace.

Earlier this year, the young company received a capital injection of $10 million from Accel Partners and ISAI in France. Co-Founder Nicolas Brusson and his team expect to reach 10 million members by 2015 and see the Olympics as a prime time for people to use the service to overcome much anticipated chaos on public transport for longer journeys.

Check out the infographic below to find out more about BlaBlaCar’s story: