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UX design: UXPin secures €161k Innovation Nest

The Kraków based seed investor Innovation Nest has just signed an investment agreement with UXPin.

The Polish startup UXPin creates tools for User Experience professionals aimed at supporting their work in the area of ​​prototyping and product development. UXPin offers paper design notebooks (for web and mobile apps) and an online application offered to customers in a SaaS model, allowing for mock-ups design of interfaces.

The fresh capital will be used by the UXPin team to speed up the development of the online application and offer new features soon. The investment of Innovation Nest amounted to 161,000 Euros and will be invested in tranches.

UXPin.com was founded in late 2012 and was most recently announced as a winner of the Eastern European startup award Aulery. Find out more about the product of this promising Polish startup by viewing the following video:

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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