Inbound marketing platform Cuutio secured 100k


Cuutio, a Finnish startup developing a SaaS-based inbound marketing software, has closed an investment round of 100,000 Euro with a group of angel investors.

Cuutio, which is based in Helsinki, provides an easy-to-use service for companies to monitor and manage their online presence. The startup aims to make it easy for its customers to monitor the competitive situation online and to focus on actions that will improve search engine visibility permanently.

Sara Henriksson, the CEO of Cuutio, describes the pain of today’s Google-centric customer acquisition: “You need to be found when your potential customers search for your products and services. And if you are not found, you don’t exist. This pain is traditionally dealt with sketchy optimization and advertising projects. And, though they are expensive actions to take, the results are rarely clear to anyone. Cuutio will save companies a lot of money when they can follow up on the results and focus on successful actions.”

With the free plan Cuutio aims on rapid growth on the European market. Jarno Wuorisalo, the CMO of Cuutio, says. “By making the basic level of Cuutio available for free, we want to spread the knowledge that search engine visibility isn?t rocket science. To understand the basics of visibility and to act on them, you don?t need expensive consultants. It?s easy for companies to start their journey in online visibility monitoring by opening a free account on our website”.

Find out more about Cuutio and make sure to check out the video below: