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Dailymotion, Flattr and the dream of a socially-funded video network

Dailymotion, one of the largest video portals in the world (over 100 million unique monthly visitors and 20,000+ daily video uploads), has just announced a partnership with Flattr, the Swedish micropayments platform, to create the world’s first global-scale, socially funded video network.

Dailymotion with Flattr now allow individual viewers to directly pay online video creators for their content, opening entirely new avenues for amateur artists, musicians, podcasters, actors, and others to generate their own revenue streams and monetize videos.

Dailymotion and Flattr’s partnership embodies the largest-scale implementation of the crowd-funded revenue model for online video to date, with traffic numbers and user volume substantial enough to establish social funding’s viability as the future of online broadcasting. Video creators on Dailymotion who are part of the Motionmakers’ programme – the site’s premium content hub for users to upload their own HD content – can import a Flattr button directly onto their channels and each individual video.

Flattr users, who make a monthly donation ranging from a few dollars to several hundred, simply click to donate funds directly to the creator. Each month, the number of total donations from each Flattr user is calculated and payment is divided evenly among all recipients the user has chosen. Recipients also register for Flattr accounts to receive funds, which they can in turn donate to others as they see fit.

The recently announced partnership seems to be great deal, especially for Flattr. The distribution deal with Dailymotion, which is headquartered in Paris, gives the “microtipping”-startup access to a very large audience. Earlier this year, Flattr, which was founded in 2010, secured €1.6 million in funding. The Malmö-based startup was once described by co-founder Peter Sunde as “The like button that means something”.

Dailymotion commented that it’s proud to bring Flattr’s technology to the worldwide stage as the next step forward in monetizing social video, in a medium that could transform the media industry as it exists today.

Linus Olsson, co-founder of Flattr, stated: “Dailymotion enabling Flattr for its audience and Motionmakers is great validation for our model and strongly engaged user base. We hope this will change the way audience think about online video, encouraging viewers to donate to the creators of content that truly entertains, informs or serves a venerable cause.”

Compatible for anybody watching content on Dailymotion’s iOS, Android and Xbox LIVE apps as well, audiences can now donate through Flattr to Dailymotion Motionmaker creators anywhere in the world, any time, on virtually any device.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr is the "Editor in Chief" of EU-Startups.com and started the blog in October 2010. He is excited about Europe's future, passionate about new business ideas and lives in Barcelona (Spain).


  1. > Now, what else can we do to make Flattr easier I still have a bit of a grivaence with the system of splitting. I’m a unstable person flattering one month a lot of things, then the other nothing. The system now makes me switch the slider every time to make sure every donation is roughly worth the same (and not pennies once, and big bucks the other).For me a per donation setting would make it easier actually I think not just for me, for any newcomer, since it seems just more logical.Another thing I’m just wondering about: is there a minimum amount to flatter? I counldn’t find anything about it in the FAQ. Because I was thinking: It is actually a core strength that flattering is a like that costs something thus having much more value than a free FB like you can’t really fake it. It is as in nature why peacocks have those lovely feathers.Its just that this would be undermined if I could flatter for 0.00001 cent or something. Just wondering so not really a suggestion yet.Since I’m at it: I feel there is a issue in your catalog with sites either using a thing for separate items, or their whole content at once. It seems the whole at once is dominating the page, since the smaller things are barely showing up. And I cannot see if the top things in 24h are really that, since the numbers might have accumulated over years and they get sticky. One thing would be to really show a number how much something has been flattred in the recent time. Just something that always confuses me a bit and could use some cleaning up.Anyways, great changes. Oh and btw. ninja’s without face masks are not real ninjas! Ridicules!!!

    • Hi Cek, Thanks so much for the insightful feedabck!We agree Flattr has most certainly created this day as a marketing approach BUT the aspect we like is the pure appreciation of bloggers. While everyone loves a comment or a facebook like, to actually have someone make the choice to give you a tip even if only a few cents can brighten any blogger’s day and that’s something we can 100% get behind. Sure, bloggers may already be monetizing through advertising but that money isn’t coming directly from readers. This makes the interaction more personal, kinda like a high-five from those that really dig you :)Regardless, we’ll be toasting to our fellow bloggers on Tuesday any reason to appreciate or show some love is good with us!

      • Oh, neat.I’ve had an idea for such a service years ago where you can dtonae to things you like, even if the people don’t have a tip-jar at their page. My dream is coming true through flattr 😀 Awesome.I was thinking even music and movies and such that would be a great next step. Donating to things you like is 100 times better than paying before you can even get your stuff (or see the movie after buying a ticket). This is a great solution. And not easily hackable I imagine although you rely a bit on the security on twitter.

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