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Retargeting: Danish ad platform Admazely raises €600K

The Copenhagen based startup Admazely, which offers an retargeting ad platform, has just announced that SEED Capital and the business angels Martin Bochineck and Christina Rind Helsbro invested about 600,000 Euro in order to accelerate the future development of Admazely.

Admazely, which was founded in 2011, is an advertising technology startup that offers easy-to-setup retargeting for webshops. The young company aims to provide the simplest solution for e-commerce professionals, providing a hassle-free, integration-free and risk-free ad platform to bring back non-converting webshop visitors on a pay-per-click basis.

Admazely’s founder and CEO, Peter Vilsholm Therkildsen Schlegel (what a name), stated on the company’s blog: “David and myself started working on Admazely in the autumn of 2011. Later Søren joined us, working on a “nights and weekends” basis much to the dismay of his wife and newborn child. We have delivered on all the clichés of bootstrapping a startup: we worked from my living room for the first few months, David moved in with me, we begged and borrowed our way to our first office (a friend’s old garden furniture currently being our glamorous décor) and moonlighted to scrape together cash that was distributed on a “who needs to pay rent or buy food this month” basis. I know it sounds like a joke. It isn’t.”

In order to increase the pace of its development efforts, Admazely decided it was now time to add more “fuel” to its engine (in the form of venture capital). The Copenhagen based company is going to use the additional “fuel” to expand its engineering team significantly. Admazely just announced that it has signed up the first new colleagues and that the team will be more than doubled within the next few weeks.

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