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Paris-based fintech startup Leetchi launches online piggy bank for teens, ‘Bankiwi’

Most teenagers in the Western world receive pocket money on a regular basis, and the majority of these teens spend a huge amount of their time online. Nevertheless, kids and teenagers are often left behind when it comes to spending their money online; even if their purchasing power is considerable, there is often no way for them to pay online.

Leetchi.com, a leading startup in the field of social payments, aims to take care of this problem by providing an online piggy bank for adolescents. From a teenager’s point of view Bankiwi.com is a highly secure service, which enables them to receive their pocket money online on their personal page (Update – February 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website and we therefore deactivated the link). With a playful and educational approach, Bankiwi enables users to receive, manage and spend pocket money, as well as receive advice on how to manage their money well.

The new service provides parents with a few payment options, either directly on Bankiwi.com, thanks to the secure Leetchi.com payment system, or via telephone, for grandparents who are not that familiar with the internet yet. The payments can be conducted on a one-time or on a regular basis. Their children’s pocket money is stored in a secure place and Bankiwi’s partner websites have been selected carefully, in order to correspond to the age of each teen/kid.

Bankiwi.com was developed by social payment expert Leetchi.com. The Paris-based startup has recently received €4 million in a new round of funding, which was led by Idinvest. Leetchi.com was founded in 2009 and its service is available in French, German and English.

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