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What the f**k is GoGlobal?

Morten Lund, a well known European entrepreneur and investor, has just pitched his new startup at the London Web Summit. Lund, who was an early investor in Skype and today serves as a chairman at Tradeshift and Everbread, named his new project GoGlobal. He pitched his idea live in front of two investors from the Web Summit crowd and offered them 10% of this new company for $3 million.

His idea goes like this: GoGlobal will be a platform that helps SaaS companies to go global, for instance by helping young companies to find a local sales force in the countries they want to enter. Morten Lund stated that there is “an obvious lack of a smoothly functioning platform through which to orchestrate sales and service”. GoGlobal aims to take 3-4 companies into +40 countries every quarter. Lund announced that GoGlobal already has 3 pre-signed clients.

Long story short, the two investors that Morten Lund live-pitched his idea to didn’t invest. Who knows – maybe these two investors will regret in one or two years that they didn’t spontaneously grab the chance to invest in GoGlobal. On the other hand, it’s understandable why they were this cautious; not because of Lund’s 2009 failure when he tried to build a free printed newspaper and was declared personally bankrupt, but more because of the ambiguities in relation to GoGlobal. To be honest, we didn’t really get from his speech how GoGlobal will work and what kind of platform he was talking about.

After we watched his pitch, we tried to find out more about Lund’s new startup. To our surprise, we found ourselves in Morten Lund’s Vimeo channel, and the confusion increased while watching his three recent videos about GoGlobal. You can watch the video below as an example of Lund describing his new project, and then please tell us what the f**k GoGlobal is and does! 😉

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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