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Social gifting: Wrapp continues its global expansion

Social gifting: Wrapp continues its global expansion

Wrapp, the social gifting app that lets you give your Facebook friends free gift cards from popular retailers, just continued its global expansion by activating service in Norway.

Wrapp aims to make it fun and easy to give, receive and redeem gift cards using mobile devices or the Web, and allows Facebook friends to contribute to the presents. The Swedish original recently got cloned by the Samwer brothers with their service DropGifts (we just reported about the international roll-out of DropGifts). It’s likely that the competition with the German copycat played a role in Wrapp’s recent expansion strategy. In addition to Sweden, the US, UK and Norway, Wrapp has announced that it will also launch its service in Germany very soon. Wrapp’s iPhone app already supports additional languages like Chinese, Dutch, French, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

For merchants, Wrapp is a discount-free customer acquisition and retention platform for conducting performance-based campaigns. With Wrapp, retailers use friend-to-friend marketing to drive highly targeted in-store and on-line sales, and have real-time access to aggregated campaign and customer demographic data.

To date, some 150,000 consumers have sent more than 1 million gift cards (according to Wrapp) that can be redeemed in stores operated by over 50 major retailers. Every gift card posted on a recipient’s Facebook timeline or wall is seen by approximately 80 percent of their friends. Participating merchants report that sales average at least four to six times the value of the free gift card given using Wrapp.

“With Wrapp, your gift cards are always in your pocket when you’re ready to pick out something you really like,” said Winbladh. “Anyone around the world can now use Wrapp to instantly send real gifts to their friends in Norway.”

Wrapp was started last year by Hjalmar Winbladh and a small team of entrepreneurs in Sweden. In 2011, the young company raised $5.5 million in funding from Atomico and Creandum. Earlier this year Wrapp raised another $5 million from Greylock Partners and Atomico. Learn more about the Stockholm based startup and check out the interview we did with Winbladh back in November 2011.