DropGifts: The global expansion of a Wrapp clone


DropGifts, the Rocket Internet backed Wrapp clone we first introduced you to last month, just started an agressive global expansion. The social gifting app, which started with a German and UK version, is now also available in France, the Netherlands and Italy. According to one of our sources, DropGifts is also going to launch in South Africa and India within the next few weeks. Since this type of an agressive expansion strategy is typical for Samwer backed startups (for e.g. Wimdu, GlossyBox, CityDeal…), I’m not surprised about DropGifts recent international roll-out. The other thing I’m not surprised about is the fact that DropGifts offers its users gifts from Samwer backed companies like GlossyBox, Zalando and Groupon… 😉

DropGifts is headquartered in Berlin. Like the Swedish original Wrapp, the clone offers a social gifting tool that allows people to give personalised (free or paid) gift cards to their friends through Facebook. Since Wrapp was founded in the first half of 2011, the originator still has a little head start. If you’d like to find out more about Wrapp make sure to check out the interview we did with the co-founder and CEO Hjalmar Winbladh back in November 2011.


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