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Digital life aggregator Soup.me receives $530K

Soup.me, a Vienna based startup which was formerly known as Soup.io, just received $530,000 in angel funding from SpeedInvest. The invite only soup.me offers a platform for building rich media and personal expression with simple but sophisticated online design tools. The Soup.me service targets creative people who wish to bring together all of their digital media into a powerful, unique individual brand. Some examples: Soup.me enables photographers to create portfolio pages, designers to create 3D interior views and musicians to create timeline views for
soup-me-screen band histories.

After this recent angel investment, Soup.me’s development team will remain in Vienna, but the young company will also operate offices in New York and San Francisco soon. Soup.io, the previous brand/version created by the Soup.me founders was started back in 2007.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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