Kobojo releases PyramidVille for mobile devices


Kobojo, a Paris based social games publisher (founded in 2008), has just announced the release of PyramidVille for mobile devices. Kobojo is co-publishing this new version, PyramidVille Adventure, with its partner BulkyPix in French, English, Italian, Spanish and German.

Kobojo’s original PyramidVille game – which draws inspiration from Ancient Egypt and where players build a city and manage its resources – boasts 6 million players and comes in 6 languages (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). Available on Facebook only, it won the Game Paris Awards 2011 in the category Browser Games / Online / Social Games. In the new mobile version, Kobojo’s developers have introduced new features (like mini‑games to accelerate time) that build on a key factor in Egypt’s development – the River Nile. PyramidVille Adventure attests Kobojo’s commitment to offering the gaming experience across a range of platforms. Underpinning this bid to bring the fun of daily gaming to the greatest number of players while ensuring the game’s continuity is Kobojo’s determination to become a fixture on the European casual gaming market both on Facebook and mobile devices. As well as being able to take PyramidVille with them wherever they go, mobile gamers can benefit from the social interaction that is so particular to Kobojo as they give and get virtual goods.

“Like we said at the LeWeb’11, Kobojo successfully epitomizes SoLoMo, which stands for ‘social, local, mobile’. This mobile version only strengthens our position in France and makes Kobojo a competitor to watch closely in Europe,” says Franck Tetzlaff, CEO and founder of Kobojo.