Fab clone Bamarang launches, Fab’s CEO responds


Rocket Internet, the clone factory of the Samwer brothers, just launched its latest copycat. Its name is Bamarang and its business model is Fab.com – a flash sales site, specialized in daily discounted sales of design products. The “new” project has just been launched in Germany, France and the UK. Like most of the other Samwer backed startups out there, Bamarang not only copied the business model of its US based role model, but also the whole design and look and feel of the site.

Jason Goldberg, the CEO of Fab.com, just stated within a recent post on his personal blog:

“In the last month we’ve seen no less than 7 Fab copycats. 3 of them have gone as far as to copy almost exactly key elements of our website design. We’ve come across screenshots from these copycats that include our own design elements and even our own Fab employees.

The worst offender is a new company, bamarang, operating out of the UK and Germany from the infamous Rocket Internet – Samwer brothers. Their site is not just a copycat, it’s frankly just stealing our unique Fab design elements.”


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