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Paris-based fun education startup English Attack! opens for teachers, schools and companies

Entertainment Learning, a Paris-based education-via-entertainment startup, just announced the launch of a platform for teachers, schools and companies for its flagship English-language learning site, English Attack!. The platform extends English Attack’s pedagogical approach to teachers, schools, universities and company training staff who are wishing to add a new, innovative dimension to their English teaching programmes.

English Attack! aims to revolutionize English language learning by leveraging the power of online entertainment and web 2.0 functionality. Learning units consist of exercises based on authentic, current short-format entertainment content; this includes authorized clips from movies, hit TV shows and music videos, and a wide range of thematic visual dictionaries. Learners retain the vocabulary that they encounter in the learning units by practicing it repeatedly across a range of learning games. Learner motivation and autonomy are further reinforced by a video game-like rewards ecosystem and participation in a social network of English-language learners from around the world.

Teachers of English can now leverage English Attack’s unique pedagogical approach. The platform allows them to enroll learners in an unlimited number of online classes; select and assign content units from the entire English Attack content unit catalogue; monitor whether each learner has completed the assigned units (and the score obtained); and create online discussion threads for class-wide communication.

The English Attack Teachers, Schools and Companies Platform has been designed for two main types of English-language teaching professional: 1) Organizations such as schools, universities, language institutes or companies can opt for the PRO Multi-User license, which covers learners and, if required, teachers or trainers; and, 2) Individual teachers or tutors operating independently can opt for the Independent Teacher license.

Entertainment Learning was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Paris. The young company is represented by marketing partners in 12 countries covering 15 markets, with offices in Paris, Dusseldorf, Warsaw, Prague, Istanbul, Barcelona, Chicago, Mexico City, São Paulo, Bogota, Seoul and Bangkok.

Its first online service, English Attack, was developed in partnership with a range of English-teaching professionals, and emerged from large-scale worldwide Beta-testing in July 2011. It is currently one of the world’s fastest-growing online English language learning services, reaching 100,000 registered users by September 2011, and has now doubled this user base to 200,000. English Attack! is already available in 20 languages.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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  1. Personally, I think English, since its boring as hell. Thats why I quit school. Teachers need to be more open to negative feedback by students as long as its not personal attacks.

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