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German B2B communication platform exploreB2B goes international

During our recent trip to Berlin, we had the chance to talk to Jonathan Gebauer, the co-founder and CEO of exploreB2B (Update – February 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website and we therefore deactivated the link).

About three months after closing a financial round with Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), exploreB2B the “dating site for businesses” is now expanding with an English version of the site. In the future, the B2B networking platform will increasingly pursue the international market. According to Jonathan, the next language to be added will most likely be Spanish.

exploreB2B is the first content-oriented B2B communication platform that revolves around the user-submitted articles. Other users and companies can search articles by category, read and comment, and in the end selectively gather a network of skillful collaborators that suit just their needs.

Right now, exploreB2B is completely free. But during our meeting in Berlin last weekend, Jonathan stated that there will be some premium features which will be added in the near future.


Business-to-business networking and communication through social media is a hot topic that probably every modern company would like to be successful in. Some simply storm social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn with new posts and collect random connections to other companies and individuals, hoping that these imprecise actions will produce the desired results.

exploreB2B aims to enable a much smarter way for B2B social media. Jonathan Gebauer, the CEO of exploreB2B, describes the platform’s benefit: “With exploreB2B companies are given an opportunity to reach their focus group within B2B Social Media, minimizing random practices that are currently the main way of interacting within social networks for B2B companies”.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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  1. Nice startup, it’s impressive how they closed a financial round with IBB. I will go check out their site.

    “Business to business networking and communication through social media is a hot topic” I agree with you 100%, and 2012 will be a great year for B2B social media.

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