Fashion shop MIOSATO expands into men’s wear


As of November 14, the international fashion shop MIOSATO will expand into Men’s wear with young, emerging labels from Europe and the USA. Since June 2011 women have been able to shop on, and now the time has come for men as well.

MIOSATO is based in Berlin and was founded in September of 2010 by Max Laemmle and Marc-Alexander Christ. Before launching MIOSATO, Marc-Alexander Christ spent five years in investment banking and from January 2010 on he worked at Groupon for six months. Max Laemmle held various consulting positions and worked as a business angel for various fashion labels. Both agreed that there was no proper platform which brought together successful young designers and end customers. MIOSATO is not a typical online shop, but rather a fashion gallery, which allows designer talents to introduce themselves and present their collections.

The expression MIOSATO is derived from the Italian word “mio sarto = my tailor” and
expresses the personal relationship that MIOSATO aims to establish with its designers. This closeness is directly passed to the customer via several features. In a special category the visitor can read about and catch up on background information about each of the designers, the philosophy behind the label, the current and past collections plus their sources of inspiration. Additionally, every order is sent directly from the studio of the designer to the end customer accompanied by a personal note.

For the designers MIOSATO could definitely be a concept that pays off: They get access to a new, affluent group of customers – both nationally and internationally -, a higher level of awareness through free marketing and PR from MIOSATO and, at the same time, open up an additional distribution channel.

Always on the lookout for new talents, the two founders themselves visit the designers in their studios and personally scout fashion weeks around the world. Currently, the MIOSATO family consists of over 40 designers and new ones are joining every week.