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Switzerland-based Merge.rs helps you to sell your company

The Zug-based company Merge.rs AG has just launched an independent internet platform for entrepreneurs who want to sell their company (Update – January 2023: The startup seems to no longer be in business under this name and we therefore deactivated the link).

From now on, entrepreneurs can find the ideal advisor or lawyer for a company sale on Merge.rs. The new platform enables entrepreneurs to perform targeted searches for top-tier M&A advisors and lawyers with specific know-how. Individual advisors can be compared with each other in detail based on different criteria and references. This not only saves valuable time and money, but more importantly, it can maximize company value thanks to the advisor’s specific know-how and experience.

Merge.rs aims to become the first point of contact for entrepreneurs who are considering the sale of their company. In contrast to other providers, Merge.rs sees itself not as a marketplace, but more as a comparison engine and support tool for sales transactions. Only advisors, lawyers and entrepreneurs can register; because potential buyers do not have access to Merge.rs without having been explicitly invited, there is almost no risk of exposing the company too early to the market.

After successful registration on Merge.rs, the entrepreneur will be placed into an anonymous and secure environment where he or she can selectively make contact with advisors by means of a short company teaser. Once the desired advisor is found and mandated, the platform guides all involved parties through the sales process in a structured and transparent manner, where the entrepreneur retains control of the process and the information provided at all times. All services and tools rendered by Merge.rs are provided to the entrepreneur at no cost.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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