The pros & cons of working for an Internet startup


Well, working for an Internet startup means first of all a higher risk for you as an employee (compared to working for an established company). The startup you work for could easily fail – which would mean that you loose your job. Another negative point is the fact that you might receive a lower payment working for a startup compared to a big company. The next disadvantage may be a bad work-life-balance – as you probably have to work harder and longer in a young and not yet established firm.

Last but not least, working for an Internet startup means you are still employed by a company (although a startup company) and it’s not your own business.

But let’s look at the positive things now. I’m going to list them with bullet points, as there are so many:

– You get the chance to have „bigger“ responsibility right from the start

– You might get some equity (or stock options) and some day maybe a big payday

– You get the chance to be in the winning team of the „next big thing“

– You can learn more (about business, company building…) in a shorter time – as startup environments are somehow like crash courses in business & life

– After working for a startup, you get the chance to apply your knowledge to your own startup

– Working for an Internet startup is (most of the times) more exciting than working for an established company

You see that the pros far outweigh the cons – especially if you are a young graduate or workaholic. So you wanna work for a startup now? Then check out our Job Board for startup jobs and apply.