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Games publisher Bigpoint partners with advertising solution SponsorPay

Berlin-based SponsorPay, a leading global cross-platform advertising solution, today announced a partnership with the Hamburg-based browser games publisher Bigpoint (Update – January 2023: The company seems to be no longer in business under this name and we therefore deactivated the link). The partnership will aim to make BrandEngage, a product of Sponsorpay, the exclusive in-game advertising platform for the casual games in Europe.

SponsorPay was founded in 2009 and already operates offices in Berlin, San Francisco, London, Paris and Tokyo. BrandEngage is a new advertising product of SponsorPay that combines the trends of integrated advertising and interactive ad units with online, social and mobile games. It enables video ads to be presented in a variety of ways – including dynamic game-overlays and in-game integrations – which allow users to engage with campaigns according to their convenience, resulting in average completion rates higher than 90%. Moreover, BrandEngage facilitates post-view user actions to also be triggered, such as social shares, registration and surveys.

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Bigpoint. Their expansive and diverse user base will allow us to fully exploit the targeting capabilities of BrandEngage, thereby delivering maximum value to our advertiser partners as well as driving revenue growth for Bigpoint,” said Janis Zech, CRO and co-founder of SponsorPay.

Bigpoint is a leading global browser-based game provider that has more than 220 million international users who speak over 30 languages. The demographics of its players are different from the average gamer, typically being women aged 35 to 45 who are eager to consume online content.

“Monetization is crucial to the success of our free-to-play model and we believe BrandEngage provides us with the best possible solution to convert top-of-the-funnel users,” said Nils-Holger Henning, CCO and CMO at Bigpoint.

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Thomas Ohr
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