exploreB2B closes financial round with IBB


The Berlin based startup exploreB2B closes a financial round with IBB. The Investment Bank of Berlin (IBB) invests a medium six-figure amount through the investment program ProFIT. The programm aims to fund innovations and technical advancements and requires ventures to apply in a sophisticated process to prove the innovative nature of the project. External reviewers are consulted to attest the high degree of innovation of the applying project. The final decision about the funding is then made by a closed board of state representatives and business experts.

exploreB2B was founded in 2010 by Dr. Susanna Gebauer and her brother Jonathan Gebauer. It’s an article based platform for business-to-business communication and collaboration. With a completely new approach to networking via thematic intersections between different business topics, the company now plans to quickly expand its functionality and userbase and to enter other European markets. exploreB2B is already going to introduce new functions and a revamped design in mid October.

Jonathan Gebauer (co-CEO and Product Manager of exploreB2B) stated in relation to the funding: “This investment allows us to quicken our development cycle so new and innovative parts will reach our userbase faster”.

Dr. Susanna Gebauer (co-CEO of exploreB2B) said: “The closing of this financial round via the ProFIT program allows us the flexibility and opportunities of an external investment, while we keep full control and shares in our company”.


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