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German courier platform tiramizoo lands seed funding from HTGF and Bayern Kapital

tiramizoo, an online marketplace for the fully automatic booking of local courier and delivery services, recently closed a seed financing round with High Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Bayern Kapital.

The German startup aims to create the first worldwide platform where private and business customers can find, book and pay couriers, as well as track deliveries in real time online. In addition to price, other selection criteria such as delivery time or most environmentally friendly courier will be offered. The technology is entirely web-based and marks a radical departure from the decentralized structures that are somehow typical for the courier industry. tiramizoo wants to bring this industry online and facilitate access to courier services.

Michael Löhr, the managing director and founder of tiramizoo, stated in relation to the concept: “First of all, we make it possible that couriers can be booked online fast and easy and provide users with an internet rating system to evaluate the service. Secondly, customers can find the nearest available courier via online map or follow their current delivery by GPS in real time. Thirdly, we reach new customers with our platform and thereby generate additional trips for couriers. With our marketplace, couriers can attract more attention and make their service more accessible“.

tiramizoo expects increasing demand for courier and delivery services, particularly from local retailers, restaurants and private customers. The startup also offers a solution for local e-commerce businesses for the fast and direct delivery of goods to private customers.

tiramizoo GmbH was founded in November 2010, with support of the ESA Business Incubation Centres (BIC) Oberpfaffenhofen. The ESA BIC provides tiramizoo with access to the latest satellite navigation technology and a co-operation with its technology network.

The fresh funds will be used to implement the concept, and to rapidly internationalise. tiramizoo has just been launched simultaneously in Germany and Canada, and after successfully testing the concept the marketplace will be developed further for Europe and North America.

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