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Norway-based eZ systems acquires German recommendation startup YOOCHOOSE

eZ Systems, an award-winning provider of Open Source Content Management Platforms, today announced the acquisition of YOOCHOOSE. The financial details were not yet disclosed for the acquisition.

YOOCHOOSE is based in Cologne and was founded back in 2009. As a result of this acquisition, the recommendation software created by the German startup will be integrated into eZ Systems’ product portfolio and offered under the name ‘eZ Recommender Engine’, as part of the eZ Publish Enterprise Edition Platform.

The ‘eZ Recommender Engine’ created by YOOCHOOSE offers companies the opportunity to create a dynamic and unique experience each time a customer visits a website, collecting data and creating real-time updates to the user profile. A customer can visits from any device, and personalized recommendations are automatically delivered based on his or her unique interests.

The ‘eZ Recommender Engine’ aims to play a crucial role in helping marketers to proactively engage visitors, increase the length of online sessions and promote user retention, turning each discovery or shopping event a unique experience; news, images, videos, products and events are recommended in real-time according to the users’ individual consumption and behaviour.

“The acquisition of YOOCHOOSE was very strategic for eZ Systems,” said Gabriele Viebach, CEO of the Norway-based eZ Systems AS. “Our customers are required to address the end visitor with a more sophisticated experience and the addition of YOOCHOOSE and the recommendation technology is an important enhancement for the eZ Systems platform to optimize on future market trends and fulfill these foreseen requirements.”

Michael Friedmann, Chief Technology Officer of YOOCHOOSE stated: “Our integration with eZ’s Platform allows marketing to control the entire Web experience from the content strategy to the recommendation of additional information that can optimize the end-user’s visit.”

Through this acquisition, eZ will continue to develop the YOOCHOOSE technology and add the recommendation engine to the eZ Publish Enterprise Edition roadmap.

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